Monday, 25 March 2013

gold and black nail art

I am sitting here freezing since it is so damn cold in the UK right now. I live near Heathrow and it's like -1. :(
Almost April and we had snow recently. More of a reason to sit indoors painting nails while waiting to go to work I guess. Today I have to show my Gold, glitter and black nails. I had to include some gold studs to fit the gold theme.

My sisters puppy agrees he likes them lol. Dogs sleep in most random places. Oh and on my keyboard your see I split glitter nail polish all over it. ha ha whoops.


  1. if i spilt nail polish on my laptop, my parents would kill me! and love black and gold combos!

    1. I am too old for my parents to go mad at me. They thought I was stupid though lol.

  2. Loving the gold polish, looks sooo expensive!x

  3. LOVE the pinky with the gold studs! I just got some studs and am trying to figure out what I want to do with them. Also love the framing. Lovely mani!! :)

  4. Gold and black always go so well together! This is a bit edgy but i like it! ^^

  5. Omg such a classic combo, love the designs you did with it! <3

  6. Wow, so pretty mani. And your dog is so lovely :)


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