Saturday, 15 June 2013

Moved to wordpress

As nail-lacquer mention Google followers are going real soon, in about a month I think so we will lose all our followers anyway. A shame as being on blogspot was good for that. I have moved my site to wordpress, I know pretty much wordpress and coding and all that so was not difficult for me. URL is still I have some things to still sort out but hopefully see you over there.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Barry M confetti - Bubblegum and Glitter tip

My favorite Barry M polish out of the confetti ones, glad I finally found this in a Boots since the Superdrug stores didn't have it near me. I wanted to change it a bit by putting a blue Barry M glitter tip on my nails, since I have seen so many of these swatches they probably starting to get a bit boring?

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Tiger Nail Art

My mum bought me back a Pet pillow of a Tiger from Australia, so this gave me some inspiration for my nails. Spent a while on this mixing colours and so on. I used nail polishes with Black and White Acrylic paint, reason I only use these two paints is so I can mix them in with my polishes so they last longer while I am using them.

Hope you like them. Click to see them bigger.

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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

My Materials

I was meant to post this awhile back but never got round to it. I hope this helps those who starting out in Nails and nail art.

I use many topcoats, more than whats shown in photograph but Id thought I would show the ones I mainly use. Seche Vite is used is for my nail art since it dries a lot faster than most topcoats and does not smudge my nail art. Others I use if just for a plain manicure. Topcoat and Basecoat are both important if you want your nail art to last and look good.

Nail polish removers are something you will probably need lots of as well as cotton pads. I usually go for non acetone nail polish remover, I use this because it does not dry out my cuticles and makes them feel really soft after using it. I DO NOT use pure Acetone on my nails, this is only for when I find it difficult removing black or dark colours from my cuticles (some normal nail polish removers I find struggle with this). 

These are a few Nail art pens and glitters that I used. Pens were purchased from Models Own and Barrym. These are both very high quality pens, go for good as your guarantee good results with them. Glitters I purchased from

These are a few Nail care treatments I use. Firstly I use my Sally Hansen Instant cuticle remover that I bought from, I love this product, it really helps remove cuticle skin leaving them healthy and attractive for my photos. Hand Cream by Nivea which I recommend you trying/using, it makes your nails so much stronger and also helps with cuticles. Cuticle pusher to keep those cuticle tidy (I also use this when using instant cuticle remover). I sometimes use cuticle nippers if any lose skin (not everyone goes for this option) and lastly Nail strengthener to prevent your nails from breaking . 

Nail brushes and nail art dotting tools are a must have if your thinking of doing nail art. I purchased both from  here and here. Both are very helpful but remember keep your brushes clean.

Monday, 10 June 2013

La Colors - Candy Sprinkles

I love this nail polish! La colors have done good, defiantly my favorite nail polish I have bought this month. What do you think? Do you own many La colors? 

Click for bigger pictures.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

La Colors - Confetti

It is one of La colors new polishes, a long with Candy Sprinkles which I will swatch soon. The pictures show it shiny and Matte. I prefer it in Matte as you can see the glitter more without horrible glare, either way both are nice. Which you prefer Matte or shiny?



Saturday, 8 June 2013

Robin Nail Art

Yikes! didn't know it was Tuesday I last posted, that's bad. Sorry guys! Had a very busy week and crazy start to the weekend already. Any how I hope you like this. :) Took me ages but I like them.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Off the wall Graffiti

I recently got seventeen of the wall Graffiti nail polish as an alternative to the Maybelline polka dot one, since I can not find the black and white polka dot polish anywhere. :( This design is meant to me a grungy wall with like dirt over it, then I went over the top with the Graffiti polish. I don't know about it, I am gutted it did not picture well as looked much better in person.

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Monday, 3 June 2013

Sally Hansen and Beauty uk

Has everyone enjoyed the lovely sunny weather here in the uk? I sure have. I have had a crazy weekend, out drinking way too much. I am on a polish ban but I still keep buying loads, this beauty uk and sally Hansen ones are new.

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