Saturday, 8 June 2013

Robin Nail Art

Yikes! didn't know it was Tuesday I last posted, that's bad. Sorry guys! Had a very busy week and crazy start to the weekend already. Any how I hope you like this. :) Took me ages but I like them.


  1. Wow you amaze me more and more every week, the bird is just gorgeous and the green is so vibrant, loving it! Did you use acrylics?

    1. aww thank you very much, back at u. i use polishes and white and black acrylic paint only.

  2. omg lisa stop showing off hehe your making me jealous with all ur gorgeous nail designs but you know I love ya hehe kisses hun

  3. So cute! This is so detailed, I love it <3

  4. So cute! you did a great job xx


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