Are your nails natural?
Answer to that is yes and no. I occasionally use false nails to show of my designs for my blog, I don't wear them any other time. I only do this if my nails are too short. My job unfortunately ruins my nails. :(

How many Nail polishes do you own?
Around 160+.

How do I take my pictures?
I use a homemade lightbox with a dark background, and a fluorescent light found  here.

What top coat do you use?
I use Seche Vite, La Colours and Wet and Wild Explode. 

What camera do you use?
I use a Nikon D40 and a Canon ixus 140.

What nail art materials do you use?
Read this detailed post here.

How do you look after your cuticles/nails?
I use a Hand and Nail cream by Nivea. I use this around 5 times a day and I swear by it. I never used to use it and noticed my nails and hands were so brittle and dry. I have used this for 3 months and can see amazing improvements. I also use Cuticle massage cream by Sally Hansen.

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