Sunday, 24 March 2013

Glitter sprinkle nails

I used false nails again since I am waiting for my ones to grow a bit longer, since they keep catching and breaking. I used a dark pink then made a glitter mix for over the top. I used some flake glitters I purchased from the pound shop and Rimmel London glitter polish mixed in with a clear topcoat.

I think it looks pretty, I might even make this in a polish bottle. Oh and I recently bought a new top coat by Wet and Wild Xplode, it dries super fast, I would say quicker than seche vite. I am trying to find one that does not smudge my nail art and I know seche vite does not but its pricey and shrinks my nail art. :(

Whats your favorite topcoat?


  1. love it! and i use essie good to go! it dries pretty fast!

  2. Beautiful, whats the pink polish called? It looks fab.

    1. It is by Collection 2000 - Kiss N Tell

  3. This manicure looks so cute! I love it


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