Sunday, 3 March 2013

Glitter nails by models own

This is a funny nail polish. You have to use a flash on a camera to be able to see it, where as other glitter polishes flash on a camera is the last thing you want to use. I used one without a camera flash, using just light source in my light box and one with a camera flash. You can see a difference. Best to view full sized images. I had to use false nails since my nails broke even when they were short :( regreting acrylics badly. 

                                 with camera flash.

Polished I used is:

Models own - Thunder and Lightning. 


  1. Wow, such a beautiful polish! Looks very similar to Nails Inc Disco Lane and Barry M Black Multi Glitter, both of which also need the camera flash to be able to photograph them! You captured the glitter really well though :) xx

  2. wow1 i almost bought this in tkmaxx in a trio set, and now im regretting it :/


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