Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Barry M - Gold Mine Glitter

I really fancied a new glitter nail polish, as I am still searching for that Revlon nail polish here. I have searched in several boots stores and no luck :( has anyone seen this? 

My nice long nails didn't last, middle one snapped as I was trying to pull my dog away from running in the road. 


  1. I've possibly seen that shade in the boots in my town, I don't think there's as many beauty junkies in Newcastle because I can tend to find things noone else can XD

    I love the Barry M shade too! X

  2. I haven't seen that shade in the Boots stores in Leeds, but The Original Factory Shop has started selling Revlon duos, so try there! I love the love the Barry M glitter you have used! :)


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