Sunday, 19 May 2013

w7 - Mosaic swatch

I was gutted about the predictable Eurovision, I thought Bonnie Tyler sang her heart out, she only got 23 points for the UK grrr. Well apart from that disappointing Eurovision I did have one good highlight to the day, I went superdrug again and bought more nail polishes. I have bought like 30 this past few weeks ahh stop me lol.


  1. This polish is absolutely awesome ! I wore it few days ago and it's so so eyecatching *___*
    Oh, Eurovision... God, UK was doing well next to France... We only got 14 points ^^ !

  2. Gorgeous nail polish!
    I liked Bonnie Tyler song. As for my country - Ukraine got the third place :)

  3. So so gorgeous! This polish is lovely <3


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