Thursday, 21 February 2013

Glitter nails

I have always attempted to take photographs of glitter nails and the flash from the camera always made it too dark, when I took the flash off it would blur, under light you would see glare. So I spent an hour or so making a light box from a cardboard box I took from work. I cut out a square part on top and put Voile so I did not get too much light in causing glare.

Here are my glitter nails using my light box

Nail polish I used are

Avon - Licorice
Chit Chat -  Crimson


  1. the glitter is great <3 it's good that you made a light box :)

  2. Those look great! Do you still use a flash when you take pics with the light box?

    1. Thanks you and not always, some times the light that comes threw the box is enough so flash does not go off. If flash went of you wouldn't get much glare with the light anyway which is a bonus.


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